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Our cover is by master illustrator Mark Zingarelli. Mark is a freelance illustrator, cartoonist, and writer whose work has appeared in most of the major magazines and newspapers in the U.S, including The New Yorker, Esquire, Newsweek, Business Week, Time, Entertainment Weekly, Fortune, New York Magazine, and many more. “Sid” tells the story of a lost wheel, a life-long friendship, and the building of bridges, both symbolic and otherwise. These days Mark Zingarelli can be found having a great deal of fun on Facebook at the House of Zing (Facebook.com/HouseofZing).
By Alyssa Eckles, Illustrated by Jane Noel
We are too often made to feel uncomfortable with ourselves, our backgrounds, and our relations. But the best of us understand the value of Home.
By Scot Noel
Roll up your sleeves and save the world, reach for the stars, and improve our tomorrows. The outraged, the fearful, and the blamers need not apply.
By Andrew Jensen, Illustrated by Mark Zingarelli

“Lions and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!” The world can be a harsh and unforgiving place, but we rarely walk through life alone. Even Trolls know that.

By Marie Vibbert, Illustrated by Jane Noel
There will be gentle places, elysian cities, and still the best of us will struggle with purpose, dissatisfied with anything less than a worthy vocation.
By Tyler Tork
Life and death are process, and processes change over time. How soon will the certainty of death lose meaning, becoming a richer experience than life itself?
By L.P. Melling
We are returning to the moon to stay, but more than that to become independent of Earth. Where exploration drives us, one day our children will welcome us.
By Blake Jessop
As it was in the past, is now, and ever shall be, greed is not for everyone. There are those who pursue knowledge and good for their own sakes.
By G.M. Pereira
Anthropomorphizing has been given a bad name, as though the myriad creatures around us do not share inner lives as vital as our own. They do!
By Gregory L. Norris
Whatever the obstacles that lie before us, I guarantee you the unheralded Wandas of this world stand ready to bear the challenge.
By Michael McCormick
Five hundred years is a blink of time, a planet’s breath, and the dawn of a morning we may well anticipate with hope renewed.
By Adam Fout
When is it too late to learn the lesson of cherishing both natural environments and one another? As long as there are stars to shine, there is hope.
By Mark Gallacher
The survival of our species demands it; our wanderlust drives it; the technical prowess of our civilization has opened the frontier. Mars awaits.
By Lif Strand
Will our species transition from one of nature’s ultimate predator/competitors to a beacon of compassion and conservation? If so, what would they think of us?
By Davide Mana
The fall of Rome, the height of the Plague, and the darkness of the Great War, they fill forgotten pages that we ignore. How shall today’s trials look in time?
By Deborah L. Davitt
Architecture and ecology need not be opposing forces from conflicting worlds. We can build to preserve, conserve to grow, and design combined worlds of towering beauty.
Haunting the Present

By Lucy Stone, Illustrated by Frank Schurter

Heroes have no refuge, no haven from the memories of their moment. They haunt the present, trying to forget, seeking an anchor to ground them once again.

By Emily Mah, Illustrated by Cassandre Bolan
It may be that among the newborns of the current year are Martians who, once having arrived at their new red home will resent any call to return to the blue.
By L. Deni Colter, Illustrated by John Blumen
When we are tasked by fate with the impossible, and regardless of those who have gone before us and failed — we have the duty and the chance.
By David Weber, Illustrated by Elizabeth Leggett
800 years hence, past innumerable wars and tribulations, humanity shall be thriving in the solar system. Of course, it will take a certain talent to keep us safe.
By Scot Noel
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