Tales of Hope in the Universe 1

Published on 2019-02-14

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Our Founders Issue features a variety of fantasy and science fiction tales of optimism and hope where the characters take action of consequence.

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Founders Issue Table of Contents

Review the table of contents for our Founders issue, featuring stories from Jane Lindskold, Steven Brust & Skyler White, as well as a poem from Mary Soon Lee.

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Which Shall It Be?

Editor Scot Noel tells us that our only true enemy is entropy and life, by it's very nature, fights entropy.

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Coming of Age 2150

Winner of the Rhysling and Elgin Awards in speculative fiction poetry, Mary provides a vision of immense power, freedom, aspiration, and destiny.

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Sing! And Remember

This story introduces us to a sisterhood of slayers who dedicated themselves to protecting the world from beasts of the age before, even at great costs to themselves.

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Born from Memory

Art brings meaning to our lives and to the world, an essence more enduring than life and more powerful than death. It can be memory that gives birth to our greater selves. Lest we forget

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I Am Not As Young As I Was

Jean Martin takes us through the streets of our native Pittsburgh in this tale that pits a Russian immigrant against a vampire. While the beast of darkness and blood preys on the weak, our protagonist...

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Con Man

A humorous story of a successful author inspired by a science-fiction convention.

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Only in 2012 did scientists finally agree that nonhuman animals are conscious beings. Now, empathic behavior has been demonstrated in insects. Yes, it’s true!

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Walker In Leaves

Our species will one day fade into extinction. Just as we craft our own meaning from the world, let us too create our own sapient successors.

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The Prophetic Vision of Stephen Vincent Benet

DreamForge commissioned "The Prophetic Vision of Stephen Vincent Benet" after hearing Dr. Eric Leif Davin speaking about it. Benet , who died in 1937, wasn't published in genre magazines, but his stor...

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The Old Man Who Hid Music

Enjoy this tale of the old man who hid music (and the young boy that found it) by 91 year-old author Tom Sheehan, award-winning writer of 35 books who has been honored with 33 Pushcart nominations.

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The Spiral Ranch

"The Spiral Ranch" is a fantastic SolarPunk adventure where raising cattle has become a high-tech enterprise and not everyone agrees.

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Glass Roses

Terra LeMay takes the concept of hope and turns our expectations upside down with "Glass Roses." Though it never fades, even our natural yearning for a better world, it seems, can be misused.

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Z-Spot is a fun tale of love and decay after the Zombie Apocalypse that shows us that when the world ends, we just need to get on with it!

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Smith's Point

Smith's Point is a fantasy novelette of fun, wit, and life-long love. (We could have called it "How I Met Your Grandmother and Other Perilous Magical Adventures.")

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Whose Crazy Idea Is This Anyway?

Editor Scot Noel tells us how DreamForge came to be - and invites you to come along for the ride.

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35 Years of L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future

Enjoy this interview with Coordinating Judge, David Farland (aka Dave Wolverton) and learn about the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest. Farland won the Grand Prize in 1987 and has been a ju...

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Thank You | Issue 1

We have so many people to thank! Founders, Kickstarter Heroes, contributors, friends, family, and advisors.

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Asphodel | Issue 1

Asphodel by Jane Lindskold, available from Obsidian Tiger Books is a wild, magical story. Available in print and electronic versions.

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Alan and Jeremy VS SF | Issue1

Join Alan and Jeremy and enjoy a podcast that explores short fiction using the engine of the mind.

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Flatland Games | Issue1

Support Flatland Games. Beautiful books for an easy-to-play roleplaying game where a gang of childhood friends go on adventures.

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Writers of the Future | Issue 1

Let your imagination run wild! Support the Writers of the Future. The 35th Annual anthology contains 24 award winning authors and illustrators.

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