Who are you, little girl?
By JMG Nerenberg
Who are you, little girl?

    I am my grandma, who danced a jig
        In front of the other children &
        They all wished she was their grandma …
but she was mine.

    I am my grandpa, who sat in the sun
        With me on his lap,  and fed me sun-sweet peaches
        He grew in his back yard.

Who are you, little girl?

    I am my mother, who shared wisdom & wonder,
        Diamond dew on autumn webs, and
        Dolls wake up when we sleep, and
        God loves & watches us always

    I am my dad, who taught me to count,
        And to sight a straight line & build with my hands,
        The power of words, and
        The rightness of fair.

Who are you, little girl?

    I am mother of my own young sons
        And fair daughters.
        I watch them grow, read them stories,
        Help them find their own way.

    I am wife and companion
        A reflection of love when you smile at me,
        A sharer of burdens, soul mate,
        A fixer-upper and make do with.

Who are you, little girl?

    I am grandmother
        Writer of stories, spinner of tales,
        Keeper of secrets,
        And bouquets of dandelion gold.

    I am orphan
        But not alone…
        For the memories and touch of those now past
        Minister to me always.

Who are you, little girl?

    I am woman, I am child,
        I am joy & sorrow,
        Fragile as a withered leaf,
        Fierce as an eagle soaring.

    I am in & through every person
        Who touched my life for good or ill,
        A child of the centuries,
        And heiress of eternity.

Who are you, little girl?

    I am me.

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