Sovereign Ice is a 200,000 word epic adventure in world where Earth's collision with a cloud of alien nano-bots has transformed the globe into a landscape of ice and magic.
Six more chapters of the 200,000 word saga to take you deeper into the world of Sovereign Ice. A Redcoat bullet deals Michael and Maya a deadly blow. Yet, instead of meeting their end, they are joined blood to blood through the nano infection of the alien probe. Soon the young goddess and the undead wanderer feel and know the world as one. At the end of a dangerous search, Skye encounters his beloved Erok as an undead monster whose rage cannot be quelled by protestations of love.
In each issue of DreamForge Anvil, we'll present a serialized version several chapters at a time. All DreamForge Anvil subscribers receive a complete eBook of the massive story at the end of the year.  Just follow the link below to enter Part Three.